How you can help bats

Bat boxes

Putting up a bat box helps to provide valuable roosting sites for bats. To make sure that the bat box is as useful as possible to bats, there are several things you must consider including; where to position the box and what it is made of. For more information on bat boxes, follow the link below.

For information on how to make a bat box

Bat friendly gardens

British bats eat only insects, and they need lots of them, especially pregnant and lactating mothers and young bats learning to hunt for themselves.  Gardens are an increasingly important foraging habitat for bats.  By planting types of plants, trees and shrubs that attract insects you can turn your garden into a haven for bats and other wildlife.  Ponds are great for bats too.  For more information on gardening for bats, follow the link below. 

Gardening for bats – Advice – Bat Conservation Trust

Bats in my roof?

Bats can take up residence in the eaves, soffits, cavity walls or loft space of your home.  They are not pests and do not damage the fabric of your home.  Bats do not build nests, and their droppings are dry, crumbly and non-corrosive.  They eat only insects, many of which we consider to be pests.  All in all, they should be welcome guests. 

However, some of our activities can harm them, so if you have bats in your home Natural England must be contacted for advice before doing anything that may disturb or harm them or the places they roost.  Activities likely to cause harm include repairs, repointing or improvements to the roof, soffits or loft.  This advice aims to provide a way to achieve the required work without harming the bats.  

What do I need to know about having bats? – Advice – Bat Conservation Trust

Educate others / Find out more about bats

By helping other people to understand how important and fascinating bats are, you can help to save bats and their roosts.  The Bat Conservation Trust has lots of information on its website, and the Bat Group holds annual bat ecology and conservation events. 

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