Brown long-eared on log (© Hugh Clark / Bat Conservation Trust)

What we do

Members of the Leicestershire and Rutland Bat Group are invited to get involved, with appropriate training, in the following activities – there is plenty to choose from.

National Bat Monitoring Programme (Bat Conservation Trust) 

  • Roost counts
  • Waterways surveys
  • Field surveys

Other Activities

  • Bat box surveys
  • Providing information about bats walks, talks and lectures
  • Providing care for injured and rehabilitation for rescued or injured bats
  • Providing information and advice regarding bat issues

Bat walks and talks

We are happy to do bat talks and walks or just bat walks or just bat talks to community groups, local authorities and any other interested groups.  We do ask for a donation of usually between £30-£60 depending on what you would like, distance, time involved, how many of us need to be present and how much kit we need to bring with us.

We try our best to carry out all requests but unfortunately during busy times we might not be able to commit to every request.

Bat group programme of activities

Leicestershire & Rutland Bat Group hold bat talks and walks from spring to autumn.  In the winter, hibernation surveys are carried out.  We also have our bat stand at various events throughout Leicestershire and Rutland

Information stand

We have an information stand and can bring the stand and man it at events if we are available.  We can also do various children’s activities such as bat finger puppets.

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